Announcing Glowforge

Today we’re delighted to announce our first three products: Glowforge, Glowforge Air Filter, and Glowforge Pro.

For $1,995 – half off our planned MSRP – you get all the amazing features we’ve been working on. A laser that can fabricate beautiful things from dozens of materials. Cameras that can scan your art and align your materials. 3D depth sensors that calibrate to your raw materials. The list goes on and on, and we’re constantly developing more with our cloud software that drives it all.

We’re going to be launching at Maker Faire, where we’re going to let hundreds of kids design acrylic toys for themselves with just a pen!  I can’t wait to see what they do.

For $2,495, we have another option: we’ll add the Glowforge Air Filter. With the Air Filter, you don’t need to position Glowforge near a window – you can put it anywhere in your home or office. The Air Filter sits right underneath Glowforge and makes it 7″ taller. They communicate, so it only runs when needed. It’s a great accessory.

For $3,995, you get the ultimate Glowforge: the Pro model. The Pro model isn’t for everyone. The basic Glowforge is a Class I laser, meaning it doesn’t require any special precautions to be safe. The Pro model is a Class IV laser, so you have to take additional safety precautions like posting warning signs and wearing safety glasses.  But you get a more powerful tube, upgraded optics, upgraded cooling, and – best of all – a passthrough. This lets you cut materials that are 20″ wide and as long as you want, so you can make incredible, enormous projects like furniture. The cameras track the material as it goes through to keep perfect alignment.

We’ll ship the first units in December of 2015 and then ramp up production in early 2016. We’ve been working for what seems like ages on this, and now we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve done.

I hope you’ll pre-order one so you can take advantage of this price and be one of the first people to see what it can do for yourself.


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