Glowforge Gift Guide: Six Finds for the Chefs and Foodies

Despite the short days and early sunsets, this time of year is our favorite – and we bet you can relate.

It’s because, with the holidays right around the corner, we get to create unique and meaningful gifts for those we love. After all, when you have a Glowforge, you enter the gifting-heavy season with a huge advantage. 

But finding (or in this case, making) the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a lot of pressure. We want to help you keep your gifting-anxiety low and holiday cheer high with the debut of the first-ever Glowforge Holiday Gift Guide.

Over the next two weeks, check back on the blog to see hand-picked printspiration perfect for each person in your life. 

Plus, if you already have a Glowforge or buy yours before November 30, you’ll receive six limited edition designs that were curated by our very own designers, just for you (!!).

First up: our favorite goods for the chefs, cooks, and Foodies. 

Delicious Glowforge-made gift ideas for the friend who hosts elaborate four-course dinner parties. Who actually knows how to pair wine and cheese. Who cooks better than the chef at your favorite restaurant. 

You won’t believe how affordable and easy number six is…we know it’ll blow the gift-getter away. 

1) A customized cutting or charcuterie board for the culinary creative you want to commemorate  

Custom engraved wood cutting board made on a Glowforge 3D laser printer
Created by: l.lynnletteringco

We love the simplicity of this gift because it can bring any spread from simple to stylish. Add a favorite recipe, common kitchen conversion, or a sentimental saying – no matter what you add, you’ll wow them with that personal touch. 

We found the inspiration for this gift from Glowforge owner and the owner of L. Lynn Lettering Co., whose customers know that adding just a touch of personalization warms kitchens and hearts. 

2) Special spoons for a special someone

Stir up something special with these engraved wooden spoons. Whether it’s a famous kitchen quote from Grandma, or a funny phrase to brighten up the cook’s day – these spoons will leave lasting memories for years to come. 

KendollMade was clever enough to use her Glowforge to make the spoons you see here. Glowforge makes it so easy to quickly add your own quippy quotes to basic kitchen utensils that we think turn out simply scrumptious. 

3) Signature knife set for the sous chef in your life 

Created by: @inkwelldesigners

The chef will want to kiss you once they feast their eyes on these customized knives! For the cook in your life who can’t get enough of Chopped, treat them to a gift that’ll make them feel like Gordon Ramsey every time they don an apron. 

These desirable chefs’ tools by Inkwell Designers has us hurrying to get our hands on our chef’s favorite brand, pop them into the Glowforge and have them ready for carving over the holidays – magnifique! 

4) Beer caddy with built-in bottle opener for the beer lover 

Created by: @canadianlaser

For the person that’s always inviting you to crack open their latest batch of home-brew, this beer caddy with a built-in bottle opener is a winner (kitty not included). Up the ante with an elegant or tongue-in-cheek logo.

If you’re already a Glowforge owner (or will be soon…), hop (pun intended) over to The Great Canadian Laser to snag the design and make one for the beer aficionado in your life.

5) A set of spruced up spice jars

Created by the Glowforge Design Team

For the home cook that always adds a certain secret ingredient that leaves your mouth watering and your mind wondering. These simple spice jars are a cinch to spruce up and will instantly elevate a spice rack. 

Our talented Glowforge designers created these right here at Glowforge HQ, and we know these will add a touch of charm to any kitchen at the push of a button.

6 ) Crafty coasters for the party host with the most

Created by Glowforge Design Team

We don’t know any host who wouldn’t like to protect their tabletops with stylish slate coasters! The customization possibilities are as endless as an open bar – consider engraving a set with family crests, quotes from favorite movies, or even photos! 

We printed these cocktail recipe coasters here at Glowforge HQ using slate blanks that can easily be bought in bulk. Not to mention how incredibly simple it is to print up a set. All you need is an idea and 10 minutes and you’ve got a gift that’ll leave anyone speechless. 

Whatever you decide to give, these gift tags will be that extra touch to make you the hero of the holidays.

And guess what? We are giving you designs for free! Yes, really. Consider this a little holiday gift from Glowforge, to you. Grab em here

2 thoughts on “Glowforge Gift Guide: Six Finds for the Chefs and Foodies

  1. I have a hand written recipe of my moms I would like to transfer/copy, exactly as it is in her writing on the recipe card, onto the inside bottom of a pie plate. Is this possible with your tool? If so, is this something I would pay someone to do?

    1. Hi Kitty – yes, this is absolutely something Glowforge can do! You can either purchase a Glowforge and do it yourself, or we do have a number of customers who offer this as a service with their Glowforge.

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