Lasers for Canada: Glowforge is Officially Launching to our Northern Neighbors

I’m thrilled to announce we’re officially launching the Glowforge 3D Laser Printer in Canada! For the first time ever, Canadian creators can buy the Glowforge Pro, Plus, and Basic. And to celebrate, for the month of June only, we’ll offer free shipping to all cities across Canada – a $349 value.  

Canadian makers, crafters, artists, and entrepreneurs have been with us since the beginning, as they pre-ordered Glowforge units during our crowdfunding campaign in 2015. During the first 30 days after launch, people pre-ordered a record-breaking $27.9 million dollars in Glowforge printers. Canadians were responsible for 3.5% of those orders – more than any other country!  

Until now, though, we haven’t been able to offer our full product line for sale, even though our global headquarters in Seattle is just a few beautiful hours from Vancouver. That means Canadians now have the opportunity to join the tens of thousands of Glowforge users who have already created over three million prints. We’re excited to create opportunities for creative dreamers of all backgrounds. Whether it’s printing helpful things around the home, dreaming up art, launching a business, or teaching kids how easy it is to invent and print things for themselves, we can’t wait to see what new Canadian Glowforge owners will do.

In the past, learning leatherworking, papercraft, or woodworking required hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of tools. Each new medium meant starting from scratch with new tools and skills. Now, the Glowforge 3D laser printer allows owners to go from idea to reality at the push of a button and work with hundreds of materials – unleashing limitless creative possibilities.

Check out just a few of the amazing creations from Glowforge owners already:

I hope our June-only free shipping promotion unleashes thousands of new Canadian creators.  I can’t wait to see what you’ll print!

PS: we’re doing something extra for customers in Canada who already have a Glowforge printer, too. We’re updating our warranty so that, as of today, in-warranty repairs in Canada have free roundtrip shipping. Thank you so much to our early Canadian Glowforge supporters for making today possible!