We’re adding a warranty

One of our most common requests from customers is that they would like us to add a standard warranty. OK! We’re going to do it. While this isn’t the full legal warranty (coming soon, from our friendly neighborhood lawyer), this is the basics of what we plan to cover with it:

The short version is that there’s a 6 month warranty on basic and a 12 month warranty on Pro.

And some details:

  • If your machine is defective when you receive it, we’ll make it right immediately.
  • For US customers, if it develops a problem later that’s our fault, we’ll either (at our option) ship you the parts that need to be replaced along with detailed instructions, or ship it back to us for repair or replacement – in either case, for free, including shipping.
  • For international customers, parts and repairs are free, but shipping is not included.
  • The warranty covers everything except the air filter cartridges.
  • Unfortunately, if you modify your firmware, we can’t cover your Glowforge under warranty (because it’s easy to break your Glowforge by modifying your firmware!)

We just got back from doing more than 100 prints on a single Glowforge at Makerfaire – by far the biggest workout we’ve given a Glowforge in a single day!  It went beautifully. We really believe in these machines and are excited to be able to support them like this.

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