5 Things You Need to Know Before you Buy a Glowforge

You might be wondering if it’s time to get a Glowforge of your own. But we know there’s questions you probably need answered first.

Questions like…

What’s the deal with metal? Or, what if I’m not a designer? And maybe, you’re wondering if you can make money with Glowforge.

So – we went through the questions we got from customers like you, right before they bought their Glowforge, because we figured if they needed to know about these things, you would too. 

Without further adieu, these are the five things you absolutely have to know before you buy your Glowforge… 

1) It’s true – you can print on hundreds of items 

This one is easy because we doubt you’ll find another machine, tool, or piece of equipment that gives you as many choices of items or materials (seriously, hundreds!) as a Glowforge.

To start, you can personalize products you already own at the push of a button. 

Keychains. Cutting Boards. Flash drives. Knives. Portable batteries. Belt buckles. Pencils. Pet tags. That rock outside your front door…(yes, really!)

You’re probably still wondering…what about metal? Can it cut it? And, how does it print on metal? And what about glass? 

Here’s the nitty gritty on metal: Glowforge can’t cut through metal. But, Glowforge can print on many metal objects, like the anodized aluminum on a laptop or on a painted flask. 

And your Glowforge can definitely etch exquisite glass coasters, or embellish a mirror, or spruce up your spice jars or print a photo on a glass tile or simply make endless amazing things with glass

For those wine glasses, tumblers and any material thicker than two inches, your Glowforge can make the most detailed stencils to embellish literally anything. 

2) It’s easy enough for kids (and you) to use

Fret not. Glowforge is incredibly easy to use. We can attest that it takes less than 30 minutes from when you open the box, to admiring your first print. But you don’t have to take our word for it – see for yourself

And, the free Glowforge app works with your Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone. Plus, it can print PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and SVGs.

Plus, it’s safe enough for schools, and certified to UL standards.

3) You can design with just a pen…or not at all

If you’re new to digital design or prefer to work by hand, just grab a pen and paper and let the camera in your Glowforge make the magic happen. 

Or don’t design at all…

Glowforge will scan handwritten recipes, precious drawings, or loving notes, so you can print them directly onto your favorite things. (And take it from us, these kinds of prints make the *best* gifts).

But, if you’re feeling frozen on what you might print. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there… 

You can print 1000’s of laser designs here.

Boom. Magic.

4) The rumors are true – your Glowforge can really pay for itself (if you want) 

Just look at Marissa. Or Bruce. Or Nikita

Or take it from Courtney at POPPYjack Shop – “Before, I was making a certain number of products a month. But now I can do double, triple or even quadruple a month because of the faster turnaround times. Buying a Glowforge is the best investment I’ve made for my company so far.”

Or Annika at Akkika – “Once I got my Glowforge, it was life-changing. It’s already paid for itself. I was able to start making these creations I was dreaming about…a wooden doll, or making maps, or graphics out of the drawings I made…it really opened up a whole new world and whole new direction for my business.”

But maybe you’re not trying to be the next Steve Jobs. Maybe you’re like so many other Glowforge owners, and you simply want your Glowforge to make covetable crafts and gush-worthy gifts.

Or maybe you want a Glowforge to take your favorite hobby to the next level.

We think that’s pretty great too. 

5) Your Glowforge keeps getting better and better…and better

From the moment Glowforge was thought up, we knew we wanted to make it living and breathing (so to speak). 

So, we set out to make an amazing machine that would give people boundless uses and joy – long after it left our hands and for a long, long time at its forever home – with you! 

Whether you bought your Glowforge 3 years ago or buy your Glowforge 3 minutes or 3 years from now, you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest we have to offer.

In fact, just yesterday we made major updates to the software that operates Glowforge printers. We increased their top speed by up to four times! That’s free, instant new superpowers for every Glowforge owner that make them So. Much. Faster. 


Isn’t technology awesome?

So, sit back and relax. The only finger-lifting you’ll be doing is pushing that magical glowing button.