Increasing the speed of light: This morning, your Glowforge 3D Laser Printer is up to four times as fast

Five years ago, we set out to create your Glowforge as a living product – one that would give you years of use and joy, long after it’s left our hands. We’ve been doing our best for the past few years to surprise and delight you with new features, and are looking forward to doing it for years to come.

And there’s a big one today.

This morning, we’ve updated the software that operates your Glowforge.

This will make a new beta setting available to dramatically increase the top speed your Glowforge can achieve. The top speed of the Glowforge Basic is now 1.4x, the Plus is 2.8x, and the Pro is a whopping 4.2x as fast as before. 

While your Glowforge won’t always run at top speed, this new option can make prints go much faster than before. You’ll see the biggest improvements in large engravings.

For example, engraving the back of this clipboard used to take one hour but now only takes 23 minutes.  Note, though, that not all machines may work well at all speeds – since this is a beta release, we’ll be depending on your feedback to see how it goes.  

Every day, I see the incredible creations our customers make.

Each morning I look at the #glowforge hashtag on Instagram for inspiration. Every evening I read our community forum to learn the incredible projects people are unlocking with their Glowforge. Every day, I’m amazed anew at what people are making possible.

From the day the company was founded, I wanted to create a living product. One that would be an evolving platform for years to come, for us to be able to offer new capabilities and opportunities.

Whether your Glowforge has been in use creating gifts, inventing a new business, or just making your favorite hobby even more amazing, we want to keep making things better. 

That’s why we continue to invest in new features for our existing products and customers.

And sometimes – like today – we even get to give them away, for free. 

We think these updates are pretty amazing, but see for yourself and tell us what you think! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to create with this.