Glowforge owner wins international design awards

One of our customers just sent us a note with some news that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

But before I get ahead of myself  – have you met Annika? 

Annika, who lives in Louisiana by way of Finland, has had a lifelong passion for illustration and design. And when she got a Glowforge, she was able to bring her unique Cajun creations to life like never before.

In her shop, you’ll find bespoke puzzles, engraved illustrations, and games that pay homage to her Lafayette home. 

But when Annika applies her Nordic sensibilities to design techniques like the living hinge – the results are downright incredible.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Annika’s stunning Scandanavian-inspired handbag, the TUKI, which she prints on her Glowforge.

See for yourself: 

Video credit to Hayley Smith  

And so, when Annika sent me a note to let me know that her TUKI design has been recognized with two gold and one bronze International Design Awards – I have to admit I wasn’t all that surprised. 

Because as I’ve seen again and again – and what I can’t get out of my head – is that when you and your Glowforge get together, amazing things happen. 

You’ll find yourself busting through creative boundaries, trying new materials and techniques…or maybe, like me, saving a small fortune by printing all your own custom wedding decor. There will be no stopping you.

Now, all of that being said – I’m sure that I don’t have any international awards in my future.

But, I suppose…never say never. Because with my Glowforge, somehow that seems a little less impossible.