One Parent's Life-Changing Life Hack


I heard Natalia’s story the other day, and it got me thinking about how the tiniest things really do make the biggest difference.

Things like when somebody holds the door when your hands are full.

Or when you start going on walks at lunch and don’t have to drink coffee all afternoon (life hack, try it!) 

See – when Natalia got a Glowforge, she made one small change to her routine. 

She was already a super busy mom of three (adorable!) children, but was craving an outlet for all of her creative talents. 

So, after her kids went to bed each night – instead of just watching tv or reading – Natalia began using those few extra minutes at the end of her day to try and see what she could create on her new Glowforge.

And…it made the biggest difference for her.




Today, Natalia has no shortage of creativity in her life…

Every night, you’ll find her printing pint-sized dollhouses and furniture for her new business, the aptly-named Tiny Timber Co.

The details and quality of every piece – from itty bitty bunkbeds to little linens and petite pillows – are something she says would not have been possible without her Glowforge.

And the best part?

Well….I’ll just leave this here:



Can you imagine making a living at what your family loves? 

I’ll end with this thought: What tiny thing could make a big difference in your life? 

Could getting your very own Glowforge mean feeling more creatively fulfilled, spending time with your family, or even starting a home business? 

I’m not making any promises – but these incredible stories just seem to keep coming. 🙂 

Begin your own story – order your Glowforge now. 

Until next time,