Our new advisor, Cate Huston

I’ve been calling Cate Huston a lot lately. The first time it happened was when I was asked to speak on a panel called “Male Allies to Women in Tech”. I was honored to be invited but felt like I was at great risk of doing more harm there than good. I had just read Cate’s post about plans for a similarly-named panel at the Grace Hopper Celebration and the deep problems she saw with how it had come together. In fact, her writing was so good and so relevant that they read part of her blog post at the beginning of the session.

I was fortunate when Cate took the time to talk to someone she only knew through a random Twitter request. She was thoughtful and helpful; as a result of her advice, I agreed to participate, and was a lot more cogent and thoughtful about the topic.

Then I started reading her blog, particularly the parts about interviewing. When we started talking about how to do interviews at Glowforge, I got on the line with Cate again and got a more great advice. In fact, her advice was so good that we hired Cate to help us improve our recruiting process, from questions to job descriptions to actually doing interviews on our behalf.

So I’m delighted to announce that Cate is expanding her role with us by agreeing to join us as an advisor. Welcome, Cate!

If you want to benefit from her knowledge and perspective too, be sure to follow Cate on Twitter.