Our New Advisor, Jennifer Lawton

There’s a lot of strange things that happen at startups. Even though it’s my fourth one, I’m constantly surprised by the opportunities and challenges that scream past us every day. For that reason, one of the best parts of working on my book about startup CEOs was talking to entrepreneurs of all stripes and learning about their experiences.
One of the smartest startup executives I’ve met along the way is Jennifer Lawton, formerly CEO of Makerbot. She has a ton of experience at scaling companies from small to earth-moving, and has been in the trenches of building a business that delivers desktop fabrication tools. Some folks are great listeners, some are great storytellers; Jenny combines the best of both.
That’s why I consider myself extremely lucky that Jenny has agreed to serve as an advisor to Glowforge. Having her wisdom on hand is going to make my job that much easier.
Welcome to the Glowforge team, Jenny!