When Unnecessary Inventions Become Necessary

In normal life, the hustle and bustle of “getting things done” can keep us from getting around to all of those “wouldn’t it be fun if…” projects.

Matt Benedetto does not have this problem.

You’ve probably seen his Unnecessary Inventions in your feeds – Matt has made himself famous for making things that he probably didn’t need to make.

Like a baguette backpack.

Nowadays though, his inventions might feel a bit more necessary. (Well, maybe not the backpack, but bear with me…)

For example, I don’t think there’s a soul among us who doesn’t need his latest (Glowforge-made) invention. 

As you can see, Matt uses his Glowforge to solve the age-old quandary of “what should I stream next?”

With that question in mind, a few minutes of simple design, and his Glowforge, Matt created his Streaming Roulette game.

And it all started with a few blank wooden dice.

With Glowforge Print, the software tools that power every project on your Glowforge, laying out designs is easy and accurate. Matt placed the blank dice inside his Glowforge, dragged and dropped his design, and pressed print.

They turned out great. It only took minutes. And if you’re familiar with Unnecessary Inventions already, you’ll know that Matt’s creations aren’t always this easy.  Like a toaster that prints Elon Musk’s face, which seems…harder.  

Stick-to-it-iveness is a virtue that many Glowforge owners possess, but not every project needs to be difficult!

In fact…with all of the extra time left over that he’d usually spend fixing and refining his invention, Matt created a dice tower to turn his idea into a polished game. The wood and acrylic were both printed and assembled in minutes.

He built a brand new game in less time than – let’s be honest –  it usually takes me to choose what to watch on Netflix.

Not so unnecessary anymore, huh? When exploring your silliest ideas is fast and easy, you have the time to discover that maybe those ideas weren’t so silly after all!

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