Glowforge Gift Guide: For the Techies

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday 2019 are nearly upon us – which means the shopping season is kicking into high gear. And we want to help you avoid the mall crowds. 

We’ve already discovered gifts for foodies and families but we’re betting your list also has at least one person who always has the latest phone, tablet, laptop, or smartwatch that is practically begging to be outfitted with a customized case and other accessories. And that’s where Glowforge comes in.

We studied up on what’s trending in tech and scoured our customer’s tech-centric creations to find the best ideas so that your gift for the techie this season is a cinch. 

And…did we mention that if you buy your Glowforge before November 30, you’ll receive six stunning limited edition designs that we specially selected to print as gifts? 

You won’t believe that you can make number six with your Glowforge…

1) Phone or tablet stand

Source: Instagram

Help someone stream in style with a homemade yet high-tech stand for their favorite device. A touch of hardwood adds easy elegance to what might otherwise be an eyesore laying on the coffee table.

This iPad stand created by Knock on Wood Designs Co. adds instant class to any smart home and is simple to print and assemble on a Glowforge. Plus, you can add a touch of character that’s suited just for the gift-getter. Print on a beautiful dark Walnut or paint and embellish once you’ve printed.

2) A custom-made drone  

We all know someone who has been dreaming of getting a drone – because who doesn’t need a flying robot?! And how cool would it be to print them their very own? If you did that, you could make it shoot rubber bands like the one we made here at Glowforge HQ. 

Or maybe the drone-dreamer wants it to be able to deliver treats to neighbors. Maybe it’ll even have a high-end camera built in to help them launch their photography business. 

Only you know what they really want, and only you can make it truly unique with your Glowforge. 

3) Phone, tablet or computer statement case

Created by @koawoodranch

For the friend whose phone never leaves their hands: something that will stop people in their tracks and perhaps even spark an in-person conversation! 

KoaWood Ranch’s turtles are keeping us in a tropical state of mind…while our mind spins about phone case gift potential! This is a gift that can really demonstrate your keen eye for personalization. Imagine engraving a picture of their family or favorite moment from their wedding…or what about adding a favorite inspirational quote? A charming hand-drawn cartoon or art commissioned from a favorite artist? 

No matter what, this is a gift that will remind them of you every time they use their phone…which is probably a lot. 🙂

4) Tattoo their device 

Before you pop a bow on that that brand new laptop, pop it in your Glowforge to add a stunning engrave that will take this gift over the top. 

We know it might seem a little scary to put that brand new (and expensive) device under a laser, but trust us on this one. It’s one of our favorite things to do here at Glowforge HQ and it’s the best way to add a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to that hunk of anonymous metal. 

Every time we’re posted up at a coffee shop with our custom-engraved laptops, everyone asks ‘how’d you do that?!’ And isn’t that what techies love the most – to be on the cutting edge?

5) High-tech time…or high-tech anything, really

Created by @markcestes

This one gets extra points for being so clever! Mark figured out how to use his Glowforge to turn a simple time-piece into a futuristic, hands-less clock! 

If you find yourself taking this apart in your brain – perhaps you’re a techie yourself? If so, just wait til you realize what a few LEDs and a microcontroller (paired with your Glowforge) can do. 

Like making them some LED lit art. Or maybe you’ll Glowforge them their own robot. And you could even create a beautiful table lamp that’s sure to be a stand-out. 

6) A statement watchband

This hip combination of a sleek screen paired with rich natural leather is definitely on-trend. Keep your loved one looking sharp with a custom-made watch band for their Apple watch, Fitbit or other smartwatch.

Glowforge owner Mars Leather Co. creates incredible lush leather goods with the most intricate details.

We can think of a lot of people on our list who would love a custom leather watchband. With Glowforge, you can make them a classic look for their modern watch from scratch, or give their favorite band a punch of personalization by engraving something special. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got gifts to print…