Glowforge Gift Guide: For the Housewarmers

This year, we want to help you print all your presents. Why mess and stress with lines and crowds when you can put on your favorite album, warm up your favorite beverage and cuddle up with your Glowforge to hand-craft all your gifts straight from the heart? 

Today’s gift guide is for the friend, family member or neighbor whose home looks like it could be on HGTV or straight out of a West Elm catalog. We call this group the housewarmers because they have that magic ability to transform a house into a charming, welcoming home.

And because housewarmers tend to covet special holiday decor: you can help them get extra-festive with number seven…which we’re giving you for free as part of six limited-edition holiday designs. 

How do you get them? If you’ve been following along with our Glowforge Gift Guides, you’re probably already printing away the perfect gifts for foodies, families, and techies

If you’re just tuning in, time is of the essence: if you order a Glowforge before November 30, you too will receive a gift of six limited-edition designs! 

1) Catch-all valet tray

Created by: @timbermade

We are smitten by the tray trend that’s been scrolling through our social media and favorite home decor publications. It’s a beautiful way to hold all the items that don’t always have a designated place to stay when you’re not using or wearing them. 

Some call it a valet tray; Timbermade calls it a catch-all…and we call it exquisite. What better way to stash your keys and wallet when you get home from a long day? Or to make sure your heirloom rings and earrings are safely kept while you’re snoozing? 

A quick customization with a monogram, name or delicate design turns a utility tray into a work of art and we think it’s a great gift for anyone on your list.

2) One-of-kind statement piece

Created by: @laserfoxstudio

To have a Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet print on your wall is iconic but to have a crafted-just-for-you original piece of art by someone you love is priceless. 

Anyone can elevate a simple design by using a Glowforge to laser the intricate lines and oh-so-subtle details that can’t be compared. Make a one-of-a-kind statement piece with any material like acrylic, hardwood, or even leather (or maybe combine all three!). You can even create a custom frame if you really want to show off!  

It’ll be a feature piece in any home, we know that for sure. 

3) Functional work of art

Created by: @monosythcreative

Make waves (see what we did there?) with a wall piece with functional design. After all, some of the best items for the home are those that combine form with function and this concept is the best of both! 

Craft an idea that holds a flourishing floral, a home for house keys, or a piece designed specifically for a special memento. Let your imagination take over and make the perfect one for that person on your list you know will adore it. 

4) A sweeping cityscape

Created by: @mdscreations

Do you know someone who is always lusting after London, pining for Paris, or nabbing a flight to New York every chance they get? Or maybe they have special memories from study abroad or the trip on which they got engaged to their spouse…or just want to pay homage to their hometown. 

Print them their favorite city skyline so they can daydream every day right from their living room.

We’re partial to MDscreations Seattle skyline for obvious reasons, but this silhouette-style print is a stunning way to commemorate any place.

And it’s a breeze to print with Glowforge. If you want to really go big – you could even create a GIANT panoramic cityscape with the Glowforge Pro passthrough of infinite length – whoa. 

5) Charming wood sign

Created by @sawdustandsangria 

Another trend we adore is Etsy-esque crafted wooden signs for every occasion. Sawdust and Sangria’s Home Sweet Home sign is ideal for the housewarmer or perhaps for the first time homeowner. We especially love how this sign mixes textures with wooden beads and fringy fur border.

As you can see, this is a gift that can go a million directions. You could showcase a special date, a new baby’s name, a sentimental song lyric, or an inside joke. 

Whatever you do, a custom cut wood sign is sure to add a drop of cozy to a housewarmer’s home. And with Glowforge, you could probably make one for everyone on your list in just one sitting. 

6) Cozy candle votive 

Created by @crafted3d

Temperatures are dropping in many parts of the world and what better way to keep warm than to light up candles, grab a favorite book and snuggle up under a blanket? 

Crafted3D’s snowflake candle votives are a lovely way to keep it cozy this time of year and whoever you give this to, we’re certain they’ll use it all winter long. Quick cuts with a Glowforge for this simple design means you can even make them a set of three in no time at all. 

Be sure to get your Glowforge before November 30 so that you can get your hands on our limited designs like this one.

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