Glowforge Gift Guide: Tips for Travelers

Is your “gifts to give” list longer than ever this year? You can catch up on our curated lists of ideas for the foodies, family, techies, and housewarmers

And with each guide, we are giving you a limited-edition design that was created with gifting in mind. All you have to do is scoop up a Glowforge of your own before November 30 to get the set of six designs for free.

Today’s guide is to help you check off the travelers from your list. The jet-setters, road-trippers, and globetrotters – these gift ideas printed by Glowforge owners should fit the bill for anyone bitten by the travel bug!  

1) Cardstock cartography

Source: Instagram

These moody blues of the Mediterranean were already making us swoon…and then we looked a little closer and realized this beautiful piece is made of paper! We love the way the natural creases give gorgeous texture to the water.

Ned gave this beauty as a gift for a geographer friend to commemorate their honeymoon in Corsica. We think the vibrant colors that an island lends itself to is a fantastic idea so maybe it’s a Greek Island for that friend who studied abroad in college. You could even make a map of the lake that their family’s cabin is on where they’ve spent countless summers. 

But really, we don’t think you can go wrong with this one.  

2) Engraved travel journal  

A custom printed notebook is the perfect traveler’s companion. With this gift, they’ll want to capture every exquisite detail of their journey. Now they’ll never forget the name and favorite dish of that rustic Italian restaurant they found off the beaten path in Siena. 

And just think, a wooden notebook like this one that Wesley created could even turn into the next best seller. 

You could elevate a journal you grabbed off the shelf from a local store or craft the cover from scratch – either option is a great one. 

3) Map-wrapped book cover

Keep a beloved book in great shape – even if it too travels the world – with the gift of a versatile durable leather cover. 

You can hand draw your favorite map like Story Makers Trading Co. did, or you could use the Trace feature on your Glowforge to scan a well-worn and annotated map from a childhood road trip and print it right on a lovely piece of leather. 

Make it extra special when you print a handwritten note on the inside cover so they know you’re always thinking about them even when you’re worlds apart.

4) Wanderlust wall hanging

Source: Instagram

Keep them lusting after their next adventure with this wanderlust wood wall hanging. As you saw in our housewarmers gift guide, we are big fans of the wood sign trend because with Glowforge, it’s so easy to create your own from scratch. 

We are loving this mountain themed sign that Coast DIY Bar shared with us. But maybe your gift-getter is a beach bum. You could cut a beautiful beach scene so they can stare at the sunset every evening. Or you could cut a tree-line silhouette encouraging them to never stop exploring. 

We know you’ll come up with something that perfectly sums up their fondness for travel. 

5) Leather luggage tag

Source: Instagram

Ensure their luggage is never lost again with a made-just-for-them suitcase tag. Spruce it up with designs, paint, and a colorful cable to ensure they can quickly spot their bag on the carousel. 

3 Engravings gave us the inspiration with this classic leather tag, but you could easily create one that is her favorite cartoon character to capture the magic of her first trip to Orlando. And of course, their handwritten name and address engraved on the back!  

Bonus idea: use one as a gift tag on a larger gift, or to give someone an unwrapped gift like a flight or theme park tickets! 

6) 3D map of a meaningful place

Source: Instagram

Overview Maps is a 2x British Cartographic Society Award Winner – and we’re confident that an intricate and interesting map like this is certain to be a winner in the gift department as well.  

You could give your dad his alma mater city. Or surprise your grandma with the tiny European town her parents and ancestors grew up in. 

We’ll defer to you on the ‘where’ but we think this makes a great ‘what.’ 

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