Glowforge Gift Guide: Top Picks for the Tastemakers

The holidays are heating up and we are just around the corner from the busiest shopping days of the year. 

But – and bear with us on this one – what if you didn’t have to shop for the gifts you’re giving this year? 

What if all your gifts were homemade? And they ended up being the best gifts you’ve ever given?

You can make that happen with Glowforge. You can make amazing things at the push of a button. And, if you join the community of Glowforge owners like those mentioned below and get your Glowforge before November 30, we’ll make sure you’re set up for success with six limited-edition gift-ready designs…on us. 

We’ve got your whole list covered with our gift guides, including ideas for the foodies, family, techies, housewarmers, and travelers. And last, but certainly not least…the tastemakers. 

This list of gifts will be hard to top! But that’s the point. Because these are gift ideas for the folks in your life who are hard to gift because of their impeccable taste. Those tastemakers in your life are always a season ahead of the next fashion trend, have the most exquisite accessories, or won best dressed in high school. So you’ll want to make sure what you give will really wow them. 

And we think this list will do the trick.   

1) Intricate leather clutch

Created by: @kampersandi_

A delicately detailed clutch like this one is a must-have for the person with a bag for every occasion.

We bet when Kamersandi tells her customers that this design was inspired by an 18th century Japanese woodblock print they went from impressed to utterly speechless.  

Why not make a clutch, purse, or bag inspired by a favorite flower, painted the Pantone color of the year, perhaps with an understated engrave? They might even be spotted using it two days in a row. 

2) Handmade wallet (with a little help from Glowforge)

Created by Glowforge

You might notice that when a person receives a custom wallet from you, they reach for the bill a bit more often…just to show it off. Whether you cut leather with Glowforge or fashion a wooden wallet, the tastemaker (and anyone, really) in your life will keep it close for years to come. 

Take this idea to the next level and print your own emboss stamp to add subtle texture or throw in some hot pink acrylic with a dark cherry hardwood to make a wow-worthy business or credit card holder. 

Fashion, meet function. 

3) Statement jewelry

Created by: @rabbitandrain

Tastemakers love nothing more than to have a stunning accessory that is one-of-a-kind. Or better yet, the first piece in a limited production that launches the next fashion trend. Why not be the person that creates and gives just that? 

It could be statement earrings with the on-trend monstera leaf. Fashion runways this fall are predicting bright colorful accessories and jewelry are going to the next big thing –  grab some bold acrylic to create a show-stopping piece. 

Or maybe something to wear to their big holiday event, like these holiday inspired earrings that Rabbit and Rain made with their Glowforge. 

4) Engraved precious stone necklace

Created by: @threeonesevenstudios

Glowforge owner Three One Seven Studios was clever enough to figure out that precious stones like agate engrave effortlessly with their Glowforge. And you can bet there are more beautiful stones or trinkets like it that will look gorgeous with an engrave. 

Once you’ve got the object, you can embellish with a delicate design or something sentimental and utilize your local craft store to turn it into any accessory – from a necklace to a keychain – to suit the fancy of your intended gift-getter. 

This might just be a piece that becomes a family heirloom. 

5) Custom glasses frames

Created by: @freshstartcustoms

Fresh Start Customs put it perfectly when they said ‘even Clark Kent would be jealous’ with these comic themed, Glowforge-made glasses. 

Stylish eyewear has a certain way to a tastemaker’s heart. And all eyes will be on them when they are wearing specs that you made special just for them. 

Lean into a theme like the above, or create a unique shape that frames their face flawlessly. This idea is great for everyday eyewear or for some fun in the sun as sunglasses.  

6) A wooden bowtie

Created by: @calaserllama

Help them dress to impress with a trend-making wooden bowtie. This is sure to be the talk of the party when the recipient rocks it at their next formal event. Or maybe it’s for your favorite hipster who wears a bowtie as everyday attire. You could even make one for a kiddo who hates dressing up – we’re sure they’ll be thrilled to show off this spin on a traditional stuffy bowtie. 

Wood, acrylic, and leather would all make phenomenal bowties, ties, or bolos that can be created with your Glowforge. Let the laser do all the work with the intricate details or cut out a basic shape and embellish after the fact.

No matter what, once they don this, they’re sure to look dapper.  

7) A shimmering sunburst

Created by Glowforge

We think the picture says it all for this one… 

Know someone who would look stunning in this matching earring and necklace set that our designers created? If you get a Glowforge of your own by November 30, you’ll get this design as well as the five other limited-edition designs we featured in our gift guides.

So which Glowforge will you bring home for the holidays?